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International Students

International students can add diversity to the university, enriching the experience of other students on campus. Schools with a strong global presence often have a wealth of cultural groups and events

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Assessment For Student Performance

  • The assessment depends on the student’s performance in exams and his/ her work throughout the yearwhich includes the attendance, semesterperformance, exercises, lab. Experiments and tests as follows:
  1. Mid- semester exams 30%.
  2. Continuous assessment 20%
  3. End semester-Exams 50%
  • The Pass mark in the course is 50%
  • The student who fails in one or more of the subjects of both semesters of the academic year and achievesa cumulative of 1.5 or more will be allowed to sit for the supplementary exams in the subjects in which he/she fails.
  • The student who passes in the supplementary exams and achieves an average of less than 2.00%, receivesa warning.
  • A student repeats the academic year in the following cases:
  1. Achieving a cumulative rate less than 1.5 by the end of thacademic year.
  2. Failure in one or more of the supplementary or substitute exams.
  3. If the student, who received a warning in the previous year, fails to modify his/her cumulative averageup to 2.00 or more.
  • The student is dismissed for academic reasons in the following cases:
  1. If he/she exhausts his repeat chance.
  2. If he/she repeated in the final year and was absent for two successivesemesters.
  • Arabic language, Islamic studies, and Sudanese studies are not included within the semester average and consequently within the cumulative average. It is also excluded from the repeat and dismisses processes; however, graduation is conditioned by passing them.
  • Assessment is based on calculating the semester and cumulative averages i.e., (4 points).
  • The semester average(GPA) is calculated on the basis credit hours for each course – one credit hour for each teaching hour ,and one credit hour for each practical or exercise duration from 2-3 hours.
  • The cumulative average(c GPA) is calculated by the end of each semester proportionally between the (GPA) and the previous (c GPA) according to the credit hours of each semester.
  • The (GPA) and the (c GPA) are calculated to three decimals and then estimated to GPA) and the (c GPA) two decimals.
  • Symbols and points are used in calculating the ( GPA) and the( cGPA).

For all the grades attained by the student as follows:




3.75 - 4.00



3.50 - 3.74


80 - 89

3.25 - 3.49


75 - 79

3.00 - 3.24


70 - 74

2.75 - 2.99


65 - 69

2.50 - 2.74


60 - 64

2.25 - 2.49


55 - 59

2.00 - 2.24


50 - 54

0.50 - 1.00


00 - 49


X (F)



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Sudan International University (SIU), Founded in 1990, located in Khartoum Sudan. It is a comprehensive academic institution with a distinctive learning style and a global vision


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